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These paintings arise from my perception and use of color as a vital, intense, electric, animating force. 

You may be tempted to consider them in musical terms -- color, movement, interval, balance, direction, duration.  You need not resist this temptation... 

 ...enjoy -- and leave me a note of your impressions!






About my work:


I use several distinct modes of abstraction, to keep each painting fresh and inherently experimental -- each on its own color schema. I utilize a panoply of textural materials, new and old: glass beads & crystal mediums, together with oil stick, acrylic, lacquer, etc.


My paintings are thus genuinely unique -- eschewing the endless series of works which differ mostly in a few details. As John Yau recently put it, praising a painter in one of his legendary Hyperallergic (NYC art blog) reviews: "His method alludes to a deep sense of inquiry, enhanced by his resistance to a signature style." 

My paintings can of course be grouped into several bodies of work, which relate to each other in color, surface and deeper vibration -- like fully conceived musical compositions, like emotive and impactful poetry read out loud.


For my work's antecedents look both to Kandinsky and to Ancient Chinese landscape paintings, even as my contemporary spiritual family encompasses Minimalism, American Color Field painting and my fellow color abstractionist peers. 

My work is intended to provide one-of-a-kind, deeper experience expressed through color; it incorporates the element of time and rewards further with each repeated viewing.

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